SEO Audit Reports

How do I hide signals?

Yes. Look under ” Customize My Audits” in the “Web Page Audit Tool” tab in your dashboard. Uncheck any signals to not show up in your audits.

Can I hide tasks?

Yes. Login to your Dashboard and click “Customize My Audits”. There, you can select to show/hide tasks under “Audit Features”.

Can I audit an entire website?

You can only audit 1 page at a time. There are 3 reasons why: 1. The main reason is that Google (and all search engines) only rank landing pages and blog articles in their search results. So, if you’re trying to rank for a target keyword, you need to make sure that you properly optimize a landing […]

Some of the data in my audit is incorrect?

We estimate that 97% of our data is always accurate. However, some of the data we collect is pulled from third parties, and occasionally a third party may be unable to provide data. Inaccurate data could also be the reuslt of broken HTML on the site being audited Either way, fill out a support ticket […]

Can I hide grades?

Yes. Look under “Customize My Audits“ in your dashboard.

Are my audits public?

Not if you are a member and are logged in. However, if you audit a page on the HOME PAGE of MySiteAuditor, and you are NOT logged in, that audit will be public.

Why can’t I add multiple keywords?

You can ONLY enter one keyword or phrase at a time. Here’s why… MySiteAuditor audits one page at a time, not your entire website. Each web page or landing page should NOT target more then 2 or 3 similar keywords or phrases.

How grading and scores work

MySiteAuditor grades or scores landing pages on a 100% scale. So, a landing page can score between 1 and 100. Think about it like school grades (in the U.S.) A = 90 – 100 B = 80 – 89 C = 70 – 79 D = 60 – 69 There are 50+ optimization checks we look […]

Why is 2,000 words in the audit?

A 2012 study by SerpIQ showed that pages with 2,000+ words typically had higher rankings and showed up on page #1 more often.