You can only audit 1 page at a time.

There are 3 reasons why:

1. The main reason is that Google (and all search engines) only rank landing pages and blog articles in their search results. So, if you’re trying to rank for a target keyword, you need to make sure that you properly optimize a landing page for your target keyword. In addition to the landing page, every audit has a section dedicated to the optimization of the entire site and domain’s authority.

A landing page could be your home page, a service page, a blog article or any other page on the site.

2. Auditing an entire site could take an extremely long time, especially on sites that have thousands of pages. Our method takes about 30 seconds and aligns with google’s algorithm.

3. Last, our audit tool is used by many of our member as a conversation starter. It opens the door for conversation. So being able to run a fast and accurate audit is critical for agencies.