Wordpress Help

Blank Page WP Plugin

This WordPress plugin will create a totally blank page template. You can select this template in the right menu, when you create a new page. Recommendations: 1. Embed MySiteAuditor’s “Large form” on this page 2. Add a link to your home page, below the form. Download the plugin here.

MySiteAuditor WordPress plugin isn’t working properly

There are several common problems associated with WordPress plugin errors or issues. Here are a few we suggest to investigate for anyone who is experiencing problems with the plugins: Conflicting plugins. Other plugins which have pop-up boxes (e.g., Easy FancyBox) may conflict with MySiteAuditor’s own user interface elements. Please try disabling external plugins to see if […]

WordPress Stripping-out Code

WordPress sometimes strips out some html code (including parts of our embed code) after you save the page and continue to make edits. To avoid this…. Make your page edits Paste your embed code (each time) Click update, save, or publish This must be done EACH time you make edits.

How to use our WordPress plugin

Once you upload the MySiteAuditor plugin. Go to your WordPress dahsboard Click on “Settings” Clcik on “MySiteAuditor Shortcode Generator” Add your API and customize Copy you short code and paste throughout your site (where you wish the tool to appear)