Personalize My Audits

How to add reCAPTCHA to your form

It is possible to add a reCAPTCHA feature to your form. Login to your account. Click  the Audit Form Builder tab Scroll down to option 11 “Include reCAPTCHA? (Optional)” Add your Google API key. If you do not have your API key then you can use this link to create one.   Click “Save and […]

Can I hide tasks?

Yes. Login to your Dashboard and click “Customize My Audits”. There, you can select to show/hide tasks under “Audit Features”.

Can I edit the summary page?

Yes. Look under the “Customize“ link in the Web Page Audit Tool tab of your Dashboard.

Do you offer MySiteAuditor in other languages?

Yes. English Spanish French German Swedish Hungarian Russian Dutch Danish Finnish Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Romanian Italian Malay Vietnamese Polish Turkish Norwegian There are two options for changing your language When you are running a report in your dashboard When you are embedding the form on your site