Conversion Tracking

Automatic redirect upon form submission

How to automatically redirect users to a different URL after they request a free audit. Login to your dashboard Go to Audit Form Builder Click on Conversion Tracking Enter the below code: IMPORTANT: If doing this, you should also go to Audit Form Builder, scroll down and under, “5”, Would you like to immediately show the […]

How do I track conversions from Facebook ads?

In you Facebook ads dashboard, you can generate a small snippet tracking code called a “Conversion Pixel“. Login to your MySiteAuditor dashboard Go to “Audit Form Builder” and click “Conversion Tracking” Paste the snippet of pixel tracking code from Facebook Set status to “Enabled” Click save Note: You can have more than one tracking code. Paste additional tracking […]

How do I track conversions using Google Analytics Goals?

Create a thank you web page on your site. Add the URL of the thank you page to the below line of code. <iframe src=”” width=”1px” height=”1px” style=”visibility: hidden”></iframe>  Add the above line of code to the conversion code box under “Conversion Tracking” in your MySiteAuditor dashboard. Add the above URL as a destination goal […]

Can I track conversions from different landing pages.

Yes, this can be done. If you have different landing pages on your site with different audit tools on them, you can track which landing pages get the most conversions by doing the following. Set up Google Analytics Goals to track MySiteAuditor. Set up funnels in Google analytics goals. (see image below)