Best Practices MSA

Blank Page WP Plugin

This WordPress plugin will create a totally blank page template. You can select this template in the right menu, when you create a new page. Recommendations: 1. Embed MySiteAuditor’s “Large form” on this page 2. Add a link to your home page, below the form. Download the plugin here.

Notification Bar Options

MySiteAuditor Notification Bar Audit Form Generate this form in your MySiteAuditor dashboard, and paste your snippet of code anywhere on a specific landing page or specific web page. The Notification Bar Audit Form will only appear on the web page or landing page that has the snippet of code. You can also paste this snippet of […]

How do I use CTA Buttons with MySiteAuditor

Excellent Article on maximizing your SEO leads from MySiteAuditor. Case Studies: Example of how other members embedded MySiteAuditor  Fantastic video on using CTA buttons: