CRM Integrations

How to add reCAPTCHA to your form

It is possible to add a reCAPTCHA feature to your form. Login to your account. Click  the Audit Form Builder tab Scroll down to option 11 “Include reCAPTCHA? (Optional)” Add your Google API key. If you do not have your API key then you can use this link to create one.   Click “Save and […]

How To Send MySiteAuditor Leads To Your CRM Using Zapier

MySiteAuditor allows you to set up  link it with Zapier and it’s easy! Here are a few CRMs you can create a Zap for: Zoho Active Campaign HubSpot Pipedrive Salesforce And Many More!   MySiteAuditor Integration Steps:   Go to the ‘Audit Form Builder’ tab and click Zapier   Copy the Integration Key Click  ‘Add […]

How can I integrate MySiteAuditor with my CRM or other app?

We offer the ability to have new leads (i.e., submissions on your embedded form) trigger a Webhook call to a URL of your choice with the name, email, phone number, and URL that this lead audited. This allows you to build a script at this URL which can process this information and for example, add […]

How do I integrate MailChimp?

1. Login to your dashboard 2. Click “Audit Form Builder” in your Dashboard then click “MailChimp Integration” 3. Enter the required information To retrieve your MailChimp API Key and API URL: Login to your MailChimp Go to Settings > Extras > API Keys If you don’t already have an API key, create one Copy this […]