How to track individual SEO audit tool performance

You can see which SEO audit tools perform the best on your website or blog, then adjust accordingly. Login to your dashboard Click the “My Leads” tab See individual audit form performance Note: Audit form data WILL NOT display until you have at least one conversion.

How do I add a CTA button to SEO audits?

You can add a call-to-action (CTA) button on your SEO audits that will display when a visitor uses one of your free SEO audit tools is reading through their free SEO audit. How it works: Visitor uses your free SEO audit tool Visitor sees the free SEO audit Visitor clicks CTA button “Help Fix My […]

How do I hide signals?

Yes. Look under ” Customize My Audits” in the “Web Page Audit Tool” tab in your dashboard. Uncheck any signals to not show up in your audits.

My Leads vs My Audits

My Leads are the leads from your embedded audit tool. My Audits are the audits that YOU ran in your dashboard.

What are projects?

You can organize the audits you run from your dashboard into “Projects”. It’s totally optional and there to help you keep organized.