There are several common problems associated with WordPress plugin errors or issues. Here are a few we suggest to investigate for anyone who is experiencing problems with the plugins:

Conflicting plugins.

Other plugins which have pop-up boxes (e.g., Easy FancyBox) may conflict with MySiteAuditor’s own user interface elements. Please try disabling external plugins to see if these solve your problem.

Conflicting theme JavaScript.

Just as with plugins, your own JavaScript plugins can sometimes interfere with MySiteAuditor’s embed tool. Please try removing your own JavaScript to see if this solves your problem.

Conflicting theme CSS.

If the embed tool or generated audits do not look right, your own CSS styles may be overriding MySiteAuditor’s CSS. You can fix this by using more precise CSS selectors; i.e., instead of specifying all “div” elements, you may want to select the specific elements you want by class (e.g., “”), or by parent element (e.g., “div.content”). All embed tool CSS classes include phrases that are highly unlikely to clash with your own HTML elements.