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Audit Form Options

Automatic redirect upon form submission

How to automatically redirect users to a different URL after they request a free audit. Login to your dashboard Go to Audit Form Builder Click on Conversion Tracking Enter the below code: IMPORTANT: If doing this, you should also go to Audit Form Builder, scroll down and under, “5”, Would you like to immediately show the […]

How do I embed the audit tool on my site?

It’s easy! Login to your dashboard Click “Generate My Embed Code” Adjust your settings Copy the snippet of code Paste in the source code of your site

Can I change the text color in my audit forms?

Yes, with a few CSS tricks. Try adding the below to your style sheet. It will change your text to white. div#seogroup div.headingbox h2, div#seogroup div.headingbox p { color: #fff; }

How do I get the most conversions?

Help your visitors find your audit tool. 1. Add a notification bar to the top of your site to help your vistors find your audit tool. Notification bars:, WP Notiifcation Bar, WP Front 2. Add a call to action button in the main menu.  

How do I disable the auto responder?

Simple, just leave those the subject body fields blank, and an auto reply will not be sent to your visitors who use your website auditor.

How do I edit the auto-responder (auto-reply) email?

Got to your dashboard, Click on “Generate My Embed Code” in the right menu The email can be edited under section 5 (HTML is allowed) You can use HTML! You can also enable or disable the auto-reply email.  

Can I put MySiteAuditor on multiple web pages or websites?

Yes. You can generate different audit forms for different web pages on your website with one account. However, the audit forms and reports will have the same branding, and will all go to the same email. Look at and see how they embeded different forms and placed them on different pages throughout their site. You can even […]